Tell Governor Andrew Cuomo:

"You made a bold campaign promise to return politics to the people by creating a public election funding system in New York. Please put election reform on your agenda for this year and pass it ASAP!"

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Here's how this election reform plan would work:

Instead of needing large corporate contributions or immense personal wealth to run for office, candidates who gather enough modest grassroots donations from real New Yorkers would get matching funds from the state so they can compete on Election Day.

This system already exists in New York City, and it has enabled dozens of grassroots community advocates - including librarians, teachers and tenant leaders - to challenge corporate-backed candidates and win election to city office.

Can you help us gather 5,000 10,000 signatures in support of public campaign financing to deliver to Governor Cuomo ASAP?

(We'll keep you updated on this and other important campaigns.)