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"We need Congress to protect the provisions of the Dodd-Frank financial regulation law and stop putting corporations' interests first."

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The 5 Worst Tea Party Plans for Financial Un-Reform

1.    Prevent special oversight of undercapitalized and highly leveraged institutions such as AIG that maintain major swaps positions and threaten U.S. financial stability. ("Major Swap Participant" oversight)

2.    Hayworth authored an amendment to repeal the requirement in Dodd-Frank that companies disclose internal pay comparisons between their median workers and their CEOs, allowing CEO salary to remain secret.

3.    Create a special registration exemption for private equity advisers, which would remove accountability for leverage buyout funds. 

4.    Create SEC exemptions for public offerings up to $50 million, opening up a wide opportunity for fraud.

5.    Exempt rating agencies from the same standards that apply to other experts who give opinions related to asset-backed securities. This would essentially create legal immunity for the very people who created the financial panic in the first place.

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