Stop Bloomberg from Evicting Occupy Wall Street

Just two days after saying that he would allow Occupy Wall Street to stay indefinitely, Mayor Bloomberg is changing his mind. He has announced that he'll begin evicting people from the park early tomorrow morning, allowing them to return only after they agree to new set of rule -- including a bans on sleeping bags, lying down and storage of personal property -- that would effectively end the occupation.

Join us bright and early to oppose the eviction of the protesters at Occupy Wall Street at 6AM.

Meet us at Zuccotti Park (google maps)
FRIDAY Oct 14th. at 6AM

If you can join us, sign up here. If you can't, sign on in solidarity.

Bloomberg wants to start evicting the protesters Occupying Wall Street at Zuccotti Park. Don't let him.

Join us at 6AM at Zuccotti Park to stand up for the first amendment rights of the protesters.

The protesters are sparking the imagination of people around the country. We believe in the fundamental right of the protesters to assemble peacefully, to raise their voices, and to petition for redress. The protest is the first amendment in action.

You can help us stop it. Don't let Mayor Bloomberg's new rules put an end to Manhattan's newest neighborhood.

Click here for copy of the new rules in Zuccotti Park today.
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