Secretary Geithner: AIG and other bailed-out companies need to pay their taxes. Close the AIG loophole and ensure Wall Street pays its taxes.

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After pumping more than $180 billion of taxpayer money intoAIG, the Treasury Department rewrote its own rules to boost the company's stock -- and its executives' bonuses -- by eliminating its tax obligation. Now, the New York Times reports that AIG might not have to pay a cent in federal taxes for a decade or more.

Wall Street fat cats getting fatter off federal bailout money and dodging taxes with the help of special favors from friends in high places? In case you forgot what started the Occupy movement in the first place, that's it.

Treasury changed its rules to let AIG get away with this in 2008. It needs to change them back. Sign our petition to Treasury Secretary Tim Geithner demanding that he make AIG pay its taxes.
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