Con Ed: It’s not right to risk New Yorkers’ health just to turn up the heat on workers. End the lockout and keep the city cool.

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In the midst of a crushing heat wave, Con Ed has locked out 8500 workers who should be on the job maintaining the power system so the AC can stay on, just when it's needed most.

Management broke off contract negotiations when workers wouldn't agree to steep cuts in pensions and healthcare. Con Ed is putting New Yorkers at risk for a blackout, just to slash workers' benefits. Not cool.

Heat waves like this can be more than uncomfortable -- they can be dangerous. After this weekend's storms in Virginia, hundreds of thousands are still without power, threatening the health of the ill and the elderly who often fall victim to the heat in homes without air conditioning. Here in New York, it's not a natural disaster putting our power at risk, it's Con Ed's greed and stupidity.

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