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The Department of Enviornmental Conservation is accepting public comments on their draft fracking regulations until January 11, 2013. That's just a few weeks away, and we want to make sure the DEC knows we're paying attention.

Use the form below to sign onto our public comment. If you have read the proposed regulations and want to add your own comments, please do so in the box.

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Public comments on High Volume Hydraulic Fracturing-Revised Proposed Regs, ID No. ENV-39-11-00020-RP

I’m writing to urge that the Cuomo administration ban fracking in New York State.

No type or amount of regulations can make fracking safe. It is inherently dangerous, with risks to our water, air, and food that cannot be adequately addressed by regulations.

Among other concerns, the proposed regulations:

• Allow the use of dangerous toxic chemicals whose identity can be kept secret from the public (Section 560.3)

• Don’t address that air and water pollution can travel beyond weak, arbitrary setbacks (Section 560.4)

• Don’t protect our drinking water from chemicals moving underground (Section 560.4)

• Don’t prevent the hazards of radiation and radon in fracked gas (Section 560.7)

• Don’t have a plan for the treatment or disposal of toxic wastewater (Section 560.7)
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