Albany: We can't afford to let New York be bought by the highest bidder. Pass Fair Elections now!

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Yesterday, a state senator and a City Councilmember were arrested. Their crime? Allegedly trying to buy an election.

The federal prosecutor in charge of the case described the "show-me-the-money culture [that] seems to pervade every level of New York government."

It's no wonder people are cynical, when big money can so easily greases the wheels for special favors in Albany. Wal-mart, a champion poverty-wage employer, bought a special tax break for themselves and their fellow conglomerates -- worth $45 million per year -- with a corrupt provision in the minimum wage bill. That's MORE than the entire public financing system will cost.

Albany's culture promotes the view that money should mean power. But it's got to stop. We need a system that's one person, one vote -- not one dollar, one vote.

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