In times like these, we need a real race for Mayor.

The NYC mayoral contest is already overloaded with 30-second TV ads and 15-second sound bites. Mayor Bloomberg alone has spent more than $7.5 million on advertising.

If it's not too soon to spend that kind of money, then it's not too soon to start engaging directly with the people of New York City on the issues that matter to us.

Candidates Bill Thompson and Tony Avella have accepted our invitation to the Amsterdam News / El Diario-La Prensa / Working Families Party debate. Mayor Bloomberg is the only one we're waiting on.

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1178 May 25, 2010 Cecilio Simons It's always good to hear the voices of the diverse communities. It can be a learning experience. Individually, you don't know everything or the solution to every problem. Collectively, though, with everyone's input, perhaps then a reasonable solution can be obtain. I think the spirit of a debate, aside from the name calling and degradation, should be to reach a common goal, to secure working solutions, to have options and, the very least, to give people the sense that you care about their plight, their struggles. Think about it. You're a businessman. You didn't become a businessman without networking. Networking is communication. It is a form of debating. It is the gathering and processing of information.
1177 November 20, 2009 Isham Jaysura
1176 October 13, 2009 Peter Di Paola Candidates Bill Thompson and Tony Avella have accepted our invitation to the Amsterdam News / El Diario-La Prensa / Working Families Party debate. Mayor Bloomberg is the only one we're waiting on. What are you afraid of?
1175 August 21, 2009 beverly ellingwood
1174 June 21, 2009 Pedro Pizarro Dear Mayor Bloomberg, I belive you owe the voters a debate. It's bad enough you bought off the city council, now face the people you so badly want to represent.
1173 June 06, 2009 Anonymous
1172 June 06, 2009 Anonymous
1171 August 07, 2009 Pierre-Andre Devaud
1170 May 27, 2009 Carley Broder
1169 May 25, 2009 Evans Thompson Mayor Bloomberg, is afraid of regular people. He is especially afraid, of talking to intelligent people of color,especially, black people. He doesn't want blacks, hispanics, chinese, and other ethnicities, who would present challenges and competition, to his elitist ideology, for people like him. He is a detriment, to ordinary people, and he must go, or NYC, will turn into another Palestine, without the wall.
1168 May 24, 2009 Chris Jones
1167 May 22, 2009 Nilsa Toledo If Mayor Bloomberg really cared about this city he would give US, the ones struggling every day to survive some of that money instead of mass mailings and BS commercials!
1166 May 21, 2009 Anonymous A debate with all candidates running for mayor would give people a chance to see how each of them stands on the issues. I think it shows that our current mayor has no real or relevant ideas on how to help the poor and middle class. We are the ones who pay taxes and help the city run. However, the poor and middle class are the ones being squeezed the most. High taxes, high rents, high food prices and housing that is no longer affordable is what we had to put with during your tenure. Those stupid commercials and flyers you keep send? I see right through them. Prove to me that you are not a fraud and debate already!!
1165 May 18, 2009 Ned Overton
1164 May 17, 2009 Marcos Masri can you give me . from the "$ 20 MILLION " that you spent already for trying to bey the people and the city. so i can pay me bills that i can't afford
1163 May 16, 2009 Anonymous Lower rents, support small business, local artists, lower the price of public transportation, control developers, have the rich pay their fair share, etc. if you want my vote.
1162 May 15, 2009 Anonymous Stop being a coward and debate.
1161 May 14, 2009 Jerome Rice In the begining you fought to prevent then Mayor Gulianni from staying beyond his term, yet you want to stay an extra term. If you could get the job done in 8 then its too late. 8 is enough let others have the opportunity to lead.
1160 May 13, 2009 alane golden For the "average Joe", life in NYC means one's back is constantly against the proverbial wall. Not only have salaries NOT increased at the same rate as rent hikes/cost of living increases, they've steadily DECREASED over your reign. In the current Great Depression II, New Yorker's incomes have further dwindled because of lack of work. In fact, beneath your watch, we're "enjoying" the highest unemployment rates in decades. Historic, indeed! Those surviving off of unemployment wages which haven't increased in over a decade are finding themselves about to lose even this meager assistance. Thanks to NY legislators not making the necessary changes to receive 100% paid federal funds for an unemployment extension, average New Yorkers are being squeezed to the MAXIMUM breaking point. We pay the HIGHEST taxes in the country to live in the MOST expensive city in America - no quality of life. As the cost of living - food, public transportation, utilities, &tc. - continues to skyrocket yearly, our wages are stagnant-to-non-existent. To put thins into perspective, adjusted for inflation, average NY'ers are simply drowning. We need a lifeline! Q: At this rate, who'll be left to teach, collect rubbish, drive taxis & in general, to serve you & your uber-wealthy friends (who will be the ONLY people who can afford to live in your fair city)? A: NOBODY! NYC has reached the critical level of folding faster than Bernie Madoff's colossal ponze scheme. At least he & his friends had a great 30 year ride! Besides wasting $7.5 million dollars convincing us things are rosy, what, exactly, have you, Mr. Bloomberg, done to help NY'ers nowhere near enjoying your wealth & privilege? Wall Street's had their bailout, what about the PEOPLE!? You SHOULD be afraid, because we see straight through you. No wonder you're on a spending spree! You might well be one of the few New Yorker's left who can afford to be. Your hijacking of the electoral process & arrogant, egomaniacal bid would be a joke if people's very lives weren't at stake. Must be nice to be able to blow through a cool $7 million. Think about the same constituents in which you refuse to engage who can not afford to buy food the next time you sign off on another PR campaign blitz. Signed, Drowning in the NYC rat-race.
1159 May 12, 2009 Jess Tanner Wisker
1158 May 12, 2009 Jen Lopez
1157 May 11, 2009 Anonymous and at least register as a independent for the ballot!
1156 May 11, 2009 Joanne Gruber Mr. Mayor, I think that Errol Louis's City column in the May 3, 2009, Daily News said it all very well. I would just add that I find your "Five Borough" ad campaign light on actual substance; within just a few pages in the print version, the same ideas for innovations are mentioned more than once, and none of them are presented with any specifics.
1155 May 10, 2009 joann santos
1154 May 10, 2009 joann santos
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