Working Families Time to Care Act

The Working Families Party and the Paid Family Leave Coalition are giving state legislators a card with a message:

It's time to give paid time off to parents of newborns (or newly adopted children) and adults who need time to care for ailing relatives.

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Number Date Name Location Is there a message you want to add to the card?
1013 May 18, 2007 lillian kohler Staten Island, NY
1012 May 18, 2007 Midge Sweet Atlanta, GA
1011 May 18, 2007 Jennifer Tammi Brooklyn, NY
1010 May 18, 2007 Anonymous Horseheads, NY
1009 May 18, 2007 Elizabeth Ehrlich Mamaroneck, NY
1008 May 18, 2007 MARIA SANZ SELDEN, NY
1007 May 18, 2007 Andrew P Connolly Manorhaven, NY
1006 May 18, 2007 Tamaara Tabb ny, NY This is long overdue; please act now!
1005 May 18, 2007 Nancy Perez Brooklyn, NY
1004 May 18, 2007 Lisa coombs dansville, NY
1003 May 18, 2007 George Stadnik Astoria, NY
1002 May 18, 2007 andrea mcleod brooklyn, NY
1001 May 18, 2007 Kerry O'Neill Brooklyn, NY
1000 May 18, 2007 Astri Kingstone Brooklyn, NY
999 May 18, 2007 Aref Riazi Huntington Station, NY
998 May 18, 2007 Mellissa Josey Harford, NY My huband and I are expecting parents, and we feel that spending quality time with our babies is important. However, we are faced with the fact that we may not be able to afford to do this. As a father he only gets the time off that he has put in for vacation. He feels that if he is lucky he will have two weeks. When you use all the time you have saved up, what does that leave you will when your child is sick or for medical visits etc.

When you read about both parents recieving paid leave for the first year in counties overseas, for example Sweden it makes you wonder where are prioties are here in the United States.
997 May 18, 2007 Anonymous , NY
996 May 18, 2007 kloey rodgers brooklyn, NY
995 May 18, 2007 Sally Terry Brooklyn, NY
994 May 18, 2007 Corbin Hiar Washington, DC Paid leave for new parents will make for happier employees and healthier children and families. It is an investment in our communities and workforce.
993 May 18, 2007 Martin Kantor Mamaroneck, NY
992 May 18, 2007 Caitlin Broderick New York, NY
991 May 18, 2007 Richard Halpern New York, NY
990 May 18, 2007 Mik Moore New York, NY
989 May 18, 2007 Bill O'Meara Washingtonville, NY
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