24 Hours to Save 24-Hour Subway Service!

If New York State politicians don't find a sensible way to fund the MTA within the next few weeks, the consequences for transit riders will be disastrous.

Starting on May 31, you'll be paying $2.50 for a single ride. $103 for a 30-day MetroCard. More than 25% more for Metro-North and LIRR tickets. NYC transit officials say they may even have to end late-night train service if politicians in Albany don't act.1

A major vote on an MTA funding plan is expected to take place in the New York State Senate this week - as soon as Tuesday.

Our goal is to send 25,000 messages before the vote, urging our leaders to stop dragging their feet and agree on a fair, comprehensive plan to save transit riders.

Tell your state Senator to do the right thing and vote to halt the hike: 

(After you hit "send my message," get your own full-color printed copy of the "Service Changes" parody poster)

April 22, 2018


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1. New Cuts Could Doom Late-Night Subway Service, M.T.A. Director Says

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