5 New York Democrats Hold Up Healthcare

5 Democratic Members of Congress from New York - Michael Arcuri, Scott Murphy, Mike McMahon, Eric Massa, and Dan Maffei – are holding up healthcare reform.

We need 5,000 New Yorkers to sign the petition telling them:

"Healthcare for all should come before protecting the wealthy.  Support Obama's Healthcare plan."

UPDATE: Amazing! We passed our original goal of 5,000 signatures. Can you help us get to 7,500?

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25-50 of 7082 signatures
Number Date Name Add your personal message:
7057 August 27, 2009 sharon drum
7056 August 26, 2009 Holly Greer Please back health care reform and include a public option.
7055 August 23, 2009 Rick Hauptman Syracuse U grad, 1968, urges all Democrats to Support Healthcare for All.
7054 August 23, 2009 beverlee bruce A reminder: We, the American People, are counting on you to support President Obama's Healthcare Plan
7053 August 22, 2009 william zehngut
7052 August 20, 2009 Katrina Donaghey I work hard and have no health insurance while at the same time the tax dollars I pay provide it for non-working individuals. This is completely unfair. I can't afford to take care of my health and my family and other obligations. That is a choice i shouldn't have to make considering the enormous wealth in our country!
7051 August 19, 2009 Geraldine Bien Duh we need a health care plan that doesnt take such an extreme toll on Americans as a whole!
7050 August 18, 2009 Shannon Kozak If stunts like this don't stop, the Democratic party will be where the Republicans are now, with out a clear cause or message. Because of this the Democratic canidate in my town will not get my vote as he is beign endorsed by Massa at a fund raiser.
7049 August 18, 2009 Alison Nash Almost everyone that I know has health care problems -- either they are without health insurance, or their health insurance has refused to pay for some treatment, or their children are graduating from college and can no longer be on their parents' plan, or their children have gotten sick and had to leave college and thus lost health insurance coverage, or they switched jobs and could not get health insurance in the next job because of a pre-existing condition ... I could go on and on. How can you justify protecting the very rich at the expense of urgently needed health care reform?
7048 August 18, 2009 Nadia Zehngut
7047 August 18, 2009 Holly Artz healthcare!
7046 August 18, 2009 Max Feld
7045 August 18, 2009 Andrea Thome
7044 August 18, 2009 GIordana Grossi We need your support to pass a real health care reform, one that guarantees medical care to all people, regardless of their age, gender, race, status, and income.
I urge you to support universal coverage and a Government-run public option.
"I suppose it's really basically a question of Do you regard the health of the nation as a national interest?" Tony Benn (British Politician, August 18, 2009, on Democracy Now!)
Thank you.
7043 August 18, 2009 Edwin Martinez
7042 August 17, 2009 George Baker It is urgent you support universalizing coverage which includes the Government option for health insurance. This is a make or brake issue that will be remembered for a long time. We need your vote AND support,

Thank you in advance for your support.
7041 August 17, 2009 L Blacker
7040 August 17, 2009 Maria Smith I am a teacher in NY and I see many of my students lack basic medical care and so do their families.
7039 August 17, 2009 Dennis Dickey Do what you were elected to do. Represent your constutuents wishes, or you'll regret it come election day
7038 August 17, 2009 Mary Poolt Millions are desperate for health care aid. It's the job of the government to aid those without means and influence
7037 August 17, 2009 Adrian Martinez I am uninsured and have been walking around with a torn ligament in my left foot for over a month not knowing what is wrong because I can't afford an MRI or any checkups. This reformation would change my life and the lives of millions Americans who can't afford health care as well as those who come home affected by combat.
7036 August 17, 2009 Christopher Capellan Health care reform is absolutely necessary. Enough politicking! Do the right thing and support President Obama in his efforts to improve our health care system.
7035 August 17, 2009 Nisha Agarwal
7033 August 16, 2009 Susan Apfelbaum
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